- In - just - four - steps -
1 . Abodauer wählen 2 . Wunsch smartQUBE auswählen 3 . Lieferung 4 . Glücklich & Flexibel sein

1 . Subscription duration

Choose subscription duration

Flexible subscription duration between 6 and 60 months +


Depending on your life situation, you can decide how long you want to keep your smartQube.


You want to design your home flexibly.


You have the option to exchange your smartQube depending on the rental period.


If you have a subscription period of 36 months or more, you can exchange your smartQUBE once during this time. For a rental period of 60 months or more, twice.


2. Select your desired SMARTQUBE


Choose the desired size of your smartQube


You decide which color or surface of your new smartQUBE best suits your new furnishings.


3. Delivery


Shipping takes place with DHL shipping.


Climate neutral shipping.


Shipping is free for YOU within Germany.


Other countries on request.


4. Be happy and flexible

Indoor & Outdoor

You can set up your smartQUBE both inside your house and outside in the garden.

All smartQUBE components are waterproof and dustproof.

Thanks to the integrated power bank with 40,000mAh, YOU don't have to rely on a socket when choosing a seat.

Your smartQUBE no longer fits

A new couch, a new carpet, a new wall color or a new floor covering and your smartQUBE no longer fits.

No problem, you have the option of simply replacing your smartQUBE free of charge after a certain subscription period

NEW life situation

You no longer want your smartQube.

STOP don't just throw it away.

We buy back your smartQUBE for the residual value and give it a new life as SECOND HAND

Sitting relaxed in an armchair with a glass of wine and a good book.
Place the smartphone from your hand on the smartQUBE for automatic charging.
Enjoy your favorite music with Bluetooth via your smartphone with soothing sound from the smartQUBE.
Create the perfect atmosphere with ambient lighting from smartQUBE.
- Life is Beautiful -

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