individual personalization

design your smartQUBE according to your wishes
Größe - Oberfläche- Gestell - LED´s - Schnellladefunktion


Made to your desired size


Length from 300 to 2,000mm

Width from 300 to 800mm

Height from 300 to 2,000mm

Thickness of the individual panels

from 10 - 30 mm

Bootslack - Kunstleder - Filz - Burned - Blattgold


Boat varnish



Gold leaf


Decide what fits best in your environment.


You have free choice.


We are also happy to check your own ideas for feasibility

With or without frame

Choose your suitable underframe in the desired height or quite puristically without a frame on felt gliders


You decide on the position of the touch light switch.


Corner-side or center of your smartQUBE.


You can also decide on the position of the quick charging point.