of the highest durability and quality

MULTIPLEX profi furniture wood (birch)

Size 300-2,000mm

Material thickness 10-30mm

5-27 layers glued across

waterproof BFU100

high resilience

boat paint

The smartQUBE is painted with 7 thin layers of high-quality, robust and weather-resistant boat paint.


The boat paint is impact and
Impact-resistant, weather-resistant, alcohol-resistant, durable and abrasion-resistant.


The UV protection filter protects the surface of the smartQUBE against yellowing.


Finally, the smartQUBE is painted with three thin layers of EPODEX epoxy resin to create the perfect surface.

Bang & Olufsen

A1 2nd Gen. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth version 5.1

Three internal microphones

Hands-free function

integrated voice assistant Alexa

Continue listening to music for up to 18 hours even if the power bank is already empty.

Amplifier 2 x 30 watts

App control with Bluetooth

Power bank

Lucid Ultra 40,000mAh - 100W


Water and dust protected according to IP67.


Lightning-fast charging from 0% to 100% with 100 watts in less than 3 hours.


With a full power bank you can, for example, fully charge your iPhone 11 from 0% to 100% up to 12 times.


Thanks to the power bank integrated into the smartQUBE, you are independent of sockets and can set up your smartQUBE wherever you want.


inductive charging

Qi inductive fast charging function.


Simply place your smartphone (on the defined area) and it will start charging immediately.


If you use your smartQUBE as a bedside table, you simply put your smartphone down and always get up in the morning with 100% battery and all without tangled cables.


With a full PowerBank you can charge your smartphone, for example an Apple iPhone 11, up to 12 times from 0%-100%.


first LED lighting via touch switch

Touch the surface of your smartQUBE

(at the predefined position) around the integrated LED

(warm white 3,000k) to turn light on and off.

second LED lighting

Bluetooth control via app


Music synchronization


Timer function

QUBE's accessories

USB C fast charging cable with LED display for charging control - 3m


Black version with fabric coating.


USB C 100 watt fast charging power supply with overload protection.